Become a PRO in FL STUDIO with this 12 hour advanced course

Instructed By:
CUrtiss King & Larry Ohh
Music Producers, dive into one of the most extensive advanced level FL Studio courses ever created.
FL STUDIO is by far the most popular DAW for Music Producers worldwide!

With an endless amount of features within FL, it could take a lifetime use them all.

Do you remember the first time you opened up FL STUDIO? 

Do you remember the excitement you felt? 

More importantly, do you remember how OVERWHELMING FL Studio looked?

We all remember that time. But through a lot of hard work in front of your computer, watching numerous tutorials on YouTube, and a lot of trial and error you finally started to get the hang of FL Studio...

Well, sort of....

Do you find that there are STILL days that you FEEL STUCK when making beats? 
What does it take to finally become a PRO at FL STUDIO?

Short Answer: Time, Patience, and an ADVANCED Education.

The FLOW Course is your answer to getting a MASTER LEVEL Education In FL Studio.

Learn How Record, Mix, Arrange
Learn how to make FL Studio the only DAW you need to record sounds and vocals. Learn how to professionally mix and arrange your beats.
Learn Advanced FL Tools
Dive deeper into the most valuable and slept on advanced level tools within FL Studio.
How Advanced Is FLOW?
In this 12-hour course, your instructors Curtiss King and Larry Ohh waste no time diving deep into the real advanced tools and techniques you need to know when using FL Studio. 

In FLOW, Curtiss and Larry provide you with the most extensive foundation of advanced FL Studio based video tutorials EVER.

Packed with over 44 in depth lessons, FLOW will teach you:⁣
• Advanced Workflow Organization ⁣
• Advanced Mixer Techniques
• Advanced Piano Roll Skills ⁣
• Advanced Playlist Automation ⁣
• Advanced drum/melody Skills ⁣
• Next Level Sampling ⁣
• Sound Designing, ⁣
• How To Record, Edit, 
& Mix Your Own Vocals⁣
+ And Much More!

Intermediate & Advanced Sound Design
Learn sound synthesis using only FL Studio stock plugins so that you can create and sell your own sound packs.
Workflow Like A PRO
Learn how to create an indestructible workflow intended to make FL Studio easier on the eyes and less pressing on your creativity. 
Music Producers like you that are pursuing MORE Beat Sales, MORE Placements, and MORE opportunities need MORE than just a beginner's guide!

Unlike any other advanced FL Studio course online, Curtiss King and Larry Ohh combined their 30+ years of knowledge and experience to give you MORE of what you need.
Piano Roll Cheat Codes
Learn to humanize your music, improve your music theory, and unlock tons of Piano Roll cheat codes most producers don't know about!
Sample & Program Like A PRO
Learn advanced sampling techniques in FL as well as how to program advanced drum and melody patterns. 
Meet Your Instructors.

Curtiss King

Curtiss King is a music producer, author, and YouTuber to over 190,000 Subscribers worldwide. Hailing from San Diego, California, King has used his 18+ years of FL Studio experience working with recording artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Justin Timberlake and corporate brands like Levi’s, MTV, and VANS. 

Through his motivational YouTube videos he has built a loyal following that has attracted the attention of music brands such as DistroKid, LANDR, Cable Guys, and Scaler.

Larry Ohh

Larry Ohh is a music producer, audio engineer, and teacher to over 100,000 music producers worldwide. Hailing out of Providence, Rhode Island Larry has used his extensive knowledge of FL Studio to not only teach his fellow producers, but to also work with industry heavyweights such as French Montana, Cory Gunz, & Jim Jonez. 

His easy to follow and informative tutorials have helped him to align with major producer brands such as Captain Plugins, Cymatics, and Busy Works Beats.
What Is Included Within FLOW?
  • ​44 Lessons & 12 hours Of Video Tutorials ($600 Value)
  • ​ 2 Free Sound Packs ($80 Value)
  • Free Scores, Presets, & FLP(s) ($40 Value)
    (Available Only To Single Payment Purchases)
Total Value: $740
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